Sunday, lovely Sunday

My week’s training starts with the Sunday club run. Last Sunday morning (last stage of Paris-Nice) we were up and out early for the Super Cannes pointage (rendezvous for all the local clubs where points are awarded based on certain criteria). As usual, my husband had shot off up the hill leaving me to wend my way up with a small group from another club. We were all labouring under the misapprehension that one of us knew the location of the rendezvous point. It soon became apparent that none of us did but, after riding around in ever decreasing circles, a not uncommon occurrence, we finally chanced upon it.

Since I often get left behind by the club peloton on these pointages, I like to check out the route on a map beforehand, and, if I’ve not been there before, may even take a copy of the map with me. As a minimum, I always take along details of the route. Sometimes, though, the details are so sketchy, presumably on the basis that everyone but me knows where it is (so not true).

Sometimes  I wonder how many points are “lost” each Sunday because individuals cannot find the pointage. The clubs with the most points win trophies and individuals collect points in a season long club competition. I must say I fully approve of the concept that turning up on a more regular basis than your club mates could win you a trophy.

This week, however, I have had a very short-term goal: preparing to compete in a local “Gentleman (two person) contre-le-montre”. Classification is done according to the sum of your combined ages, apart from the ladies, who due to paucity of numbers, are all lumped into a “Scratch” category.

Last year my partner and I finished a very creditable second (out of five) behind a pairing who are young enough to be our daughters. One of whom is the current French UFOLEP amateur road race champion.  Suffice to say, we would have been first (and the only ones) in our age group.

This year, I’m riding in the mixed category with a fellow club mate. He’s made the usual jokes about how he’s just going to be sticking to my wheel but we both know who’s going to be doing the wheel sucking in this relationship. We’re up against very tough opposition notably a couple of French amateur UFOLEP contre-le-montre champions, who have recently joined our club. So they’ll be turning up on Sunday with all the gear: the tri-bars, skin suits, pointy helmets and carbon rear wheels. I may just wear my aerodynamic shoe covers to give us that all important edge.

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