Hat heaven

I totally love wearing hats. I feel they lend a real sense of occasion to any event. So, I really don’t mind wearing a helmet and willingly suffer helmet hair, better that than a cracked skull.

Some years ago, when I was attending a spate of weddings, I splashed out significant cash on a “Designer Hat”. It was truly magnificent, worth every single penny and made me feel absolutely fabulous. That hat probably featured in more wedding photographs that the respective brides. Indeed, I still have the hat and am more than willing to lend a touch of glamour to any occasion. You have my email address; I’m ready and waiting for an avalanche of invites. However, I do find these types of occasions are a bit like buses, you wait for ages and then several come along at the same time.

I no longer need to splash serious cash on so-called designer hats. I am very fortunate that a friend of mine makes bespoke hats, either to buy or hire, at very reasonable prices. Indeed, I have two of her lovely creations: one, a beautiful straw hat that I wear as often as possible during the summer months and, the other, a cheeky little trilby complete with extravagant feathering, which looks fab with trouser suits.

Hat Heaven
Hat Heaven

Looking through her portfolio, I know I’m just going to have to add to my collection. After all, a girl can never, ever have too many accessories.

Many of you may think that hats don’t suit you. Hats suit everyone; you just have to find the right shape and style for you. This is where Jane is worth her weight in gold. She truly understands which shapes and colours will lend you mystique and glamour. Go check out her website for yourself: http://www.thehathouse.co.uk.

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