Grilling tonight

What is it with guys and BBQ’s? Could someone please explain. Many years ago I allowed my husband to purchase one. There followed many unfortunate evenings of half-cooked or alternatively burnt food until I suggested a modified menu: fillet steak or fish (in tin foil parcels). Of course, as my reward, I always got to clean up the not inconsiderable mess left behind by his culinary pretensions.

When we moved to a flat in central London, my husband gave the beloved BBQ to his brother, but he has always hankered after a replacement. We still live in an apartment and, even though we’ve already had one close brush with death by fire, my husband is always looking longingly at them in the garden centre.

While on vacation earlier this summer in Austria, I found a suitable halfway house. It’s a powerful electric grill, easy to clean (yes, I’m still in charge of cleaning up) and quick to use. Ideal for all cuts of meat (without bones), fish, sandwiches, vegetables, French toast etc etc. We have found it particularly good for duck breasts. It renders the fat, but doesn’t overcook the meat. My husband is now as happy as Larry and, on those rare occasions when he’s home, is happy to experiment with his new toy which he has on a special table out on the balcony, to add authenticity to the experience.

Yesterday evening, a girlfriend came over for a swim and stayed for dinner. My husband was able to demonstrate the full range of his domestic capabilities by cooking her duck breast “a point” and opening a bottle of wine. I’m sure she was suitably impressed. Even better, it took me less than 5 minutes to clean up after him.

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