One of my husband’s bad habits………. that’s right, he’s not perfect. Despite many years of intensive training, he’s still the unfinished article. However, with so much time and effort invested, I’m inclined to persevere. To return, my husband has a bad habit of volunteering me to do things. Often, he forgets to tell me what he’s promised I will do for someone. I either find out when the party concerned gets in touch to chase me up for something I haven’t done, or sent or found out. Nothing, because I didn’t know. But, of course, I can’t let on that I didn’t know because it then paints my better half in a bad light. Or, I find out when the due date arrives and he suddenly remembers the commitment he’s made on my behalf.

Sometimes, I think he thinks I spend all my days cycling and watching cycling on the internet. You know what they say about not being fully appreciated until you’re no longer there to do it………..Well, that definitely applies to me.

I keep wondering whether he’d notice if I stopped doing something but then he’s not renowned for his powers of observation. Witness he never notices when I wear something new, have my hair done (even in a completely different style), change things around in the apartment; so, possibly not. Of course, I’m the one who’ll be clearing up the ensuing chaos. So it’s probably better to just grin and bear it.

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