Nothing but the real thing

Today’s pointage was at Greolieres by way of Gorges du Loup. We were a bit late leaving home and were overhauled by the “Super Fast” group from the club at La Colle sur Loup. I told my better half to go on ahead and I rode along on my own, occasionally passing the odd rider though largely being overtaken by groups of riders from other clubs.

The morning air was chilly and I was thankful for my armwarmers and gilet, their first outing for months.  There was a strong head wind along the Gorges and several octogenarians tucked in behind me to find shelter. Glad to be of service boys. I left them on the false flat after Bramafan.

My husband had ridden back down to the round about at St Pons to ride back up to Greolieres with me. I was looking forward to my half-time


beverage of choice: a Coke. Alas, the club hosting the pointage had chosen a 0% calorie supermarket brand! I was inconsolable.

The best thing about climbing for 40km is the homeward descent. I think it’s fair to say I overtook many more riders on the way down that I took on the way up. Two-thirds of the way back I had to stop for the instant sugar rush of a cold Coke.

Fortified, I popped into the newsagent to collect the papers, including The Sunday Times. The only day of the week I read an English paper. Then I rode home to have a quick shower and prepare lunch, before settling down to watch the local derby match: Blues v Villa. We won 0-1. It should have been 0-3 as two clear opportunities went astray in the dying minutes of the match. Let’s hope the Auxerre v Nice match goes the same way.

Postscript: Nice lost 0-2 away at Auxerre. It was Auxerre’s first win of the season and they languish just ahead of us in the League, one place from the drop zone.

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