Puppy love


Dorothy Parker once said ” I like children, but I couldn’t manage a whole one”. That kinda of sums up my feelings about both children and pets. I like them, but I don’t want one 24/7. I’ve lumped them together because I suspect that there’s a lot of similarities between the two. I could be wrong but the evidence rather supports my theory. 

Two years ago, a friend acquired a Labradoodle puppy and, as you can see from the photo, he’s become quite the handsome fella.  She has kept her friends entertained with stories about his escapades in her regular newsletters. However, this is a dog with a dog walker and a dog sitter who attends a creche. Nothing is too good for him. If I were to substitute, child minder or nanny, in the above sentence, you might be forgiven for thinking I was talking about a small child. When they want to go on vacation, Finn goes to a dog minder. Whatever happened to kennels? Please, don’t bother to answer that question, it was merely rhetorical.

For those of you who believe that in the next life we come back to earth in a different form, this is clearly the sort of heavenly existence to which you should aspire.

One thought on “Puppy love

  1. Hi Sheree, kennels is not for the likes of us, I prefer the personal touch! What would you prefer? Sitting behind bars – or partaking actively in my dog host’s (not minder) family life? I understand you are envious of my life, but i assure you it’s not all a bed of roses! I have to work for my keep, go to school, chase Milford and Fingall (two other labradoodles) around in creche, kiss the favourite ladies in my life, chase the pigeons and cats – the list is endless.

    Have fun on your bike, a pity I can’t come to France and chase you up and down the mountains! Yours forever, Finn Doodle


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