Month: October 2009

Plus ca change

I have slotted right back into my weekly routine following my return to France. The weather seems to have warmed up while I’ve been away and that Mistral chill has gone. I haven’t suffered unduly from jet lag, probably thanks to that good night’s… Continue Reading “Plus ca change”

While the cat’s away…………………

I’ve been away for less than a week but a lot has happened in that time. On the football front, my team, the team that beat Chelsea and Liverpool, drew with Wolves at the week end – unbelievable, but true. More shocking and equally unbelievable, the team… Continue Reading “While the cat’s away…………………”

Austin Diary III

I think it’s fair to say Austin, and taking part in Livestrong, exceeded my expectations, but I was now looking forward to getting back home. My plane from Austin was delayed two hours due to a mechanical, I arrived in Dallas 10 minutes after my… Continue Reading “Austin Diary III”

Austin Diary II

The alarm went off and I sprang out of bed. I felt dreadful, as if I’d been asleep for only 5 minutes. I went into the bathroom and, as I was brushing my teeth, caught sight of my watch – 22:05! Yes, I had… Continue Reading “Austin Diary II”

Austin Diary I

The journey to Austin went pretty much as expected. After an early morning start, and two connecting flights, both the bike and I arrived in good condition to be collected by the hotel’s shuttle bus. My first impressions of Austin, albeit in the pouring… Continue Reading “Austin Diary I”

The ride

For those of you not taking part in this week end’s Livestrong Challenge, I thought you might like to experience the ride second-hand. These details have been taken from My annotations are in italics. The 90 mile (145km) course will take you deep into… Continue Reading “The ride”

Ready, steady, almost time to go

Today I went for what might well be my last long training ride prior to my departure. The weather forecast is predicting rain tomorrow. I was so cold after yesterday’s ride that this morning I decided to put on my winter jacket; a wise… Continue Reading “Ready, steady, almost time to go”


The training has gone well, I’ve averaged around 500km a week for the past month so feel I have plenty of mileage in my legs ready for next Sunday’s Livestrong Challenge. This isn’t my first ride for charity but I am hoping it’s going… Continue Reading “DNF”

Four in a row

From last week to this, we’ve gone from an Indian summer to autumn. Today I wore my long sleeved club jersey and gilet, teamed with ¾ bib shorts for what might well be my last assault this year on the Col de Vence. It… Continue Reading “Four in a row”


One of my last preparatory acts is to break down my bicycle and put it into its hard case ready for transporting all the way to Austin, Texas. I intend to practise taking it apart and putting it back together again, several times, under… Continue Reading “Smart”