Desperately seeking cover

As you might expect, one week before my departure to Austin, I am crossing the “i’s” and dotting the “t’s”. After reading through the very, very small print of my quite exhaustive travel and medical insurance policy, I discovered that I was limited to a total of £5,000 for loss or theft of all of my goods which is fine. But, and it’s a big but, I’m limited to a total of £1,000 per item for loss, theft or damage. My bike is worth £3,000 and while I’m not anticipating that either of my carriers will lose or damage the bike, I don’t want to take the risk even though this is my second bike. You may recall, I’m not taking my beloved which is worth far, far more.

As a consequence, I have spent the last couple of days trying to find insurance which will cover the bike for theft, loss or damage during my trip. None of the companies with whom I have insured my house, my car or my person has this type of policy. Why not? The French are a nation of bike riders; surely some of them must take them outside French borders? The French Cycling Federation has an insurance partner who will insure my bike for the whole year against loss or damage for only Euros 48 – bargain. However, this precludes loss or damage when the bike is being transported either by train or plane. Here I have to rely on the carrier’s cover! They are kindly going to check how much this amounts to and get back to me.

In desperation, I have also emailed my sister’s partner who works in the insurance market to see if he knows a specialist broker in the Lloyd’s market who can find me cover. Watch this space………………………………….

Postscript: Sadly, I could only find annual cover in the UK so I would have to “pretend” to still live there.This rather flies in the face of the basis of all insurance policies (full disclosure), plus they wanted £500! I decided to wing it.

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