All over the place

I seem to have spent all of today running, or rather driving, from one place to another without achieving very much. Wednesday is generally the designated day for my longer ride. Last winter I rode on Tuesdays with an UFOLEP group who ride along the coast in the winter. They were tremendously encouraging even though I was one of the slower riders and riding with them gave me confidence over the longer distances. I have considered riding with them again this winter, but a number of points mitigate against this: 1) they go out earlier than I really want to; 2) they stop for a 45 minute lunch break, when I would prefer to keep going;  and 3) Wednesday suits me better.    

However, my husband disrupted my plans today (nothing new there). He was arriving back early this morning from a couple of days in the UK and departing, several hours later, after lunch (of course), for a couple of days in Stockholm. I got up early and rushed down to the gym to complete my circuit. I came back and leapt into the car to collect my husband from the airport, stopping on the way back for a quick coffee and to pick up the newspapers.

While my husband was showering, changing and scattering his belongings all over the apartment, I dealt with a few emails,  pressed his clothes for the forthcoming trip to Stockholm and made lunch. I then cleared up and drove him to the airport. On the way back, I collected some missing documentation and went to post this week’s licence renewals to UFOLEP. At the same time, I dropped off some documentation at the nearby tax office.  Next I drove to the green grocers for some butternut squash to turn into soup for my dinner. On the way back, I popped into my local pharmacy to collect my husband’s prescription.

Finally, I had a shower, changed and restored order to the formerly clean and tidy apartment. Yes, I have to own up, I’d been running around in my sweaty workout kit for most of the day. I caught up on some more emails before cooking  my spicy, butternut squash soup. I’m now eating said soup and finally reading the newspapers.

It’s reached that time of year when L’Equipe’s coverage of cycling is greatly diminished. That said, there was a quarter of a page today on the incomparable return to form after injury of Sir Chris Hoy while yesterday’s half-page speculated on which teams would be lucky enough to ride in next year’s Tour de France. This was occasioned by Cadel Evan’s surprise move to BMC which has somewhat thrown the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. Teams such as Vacansoleil, Skil Shimano and Saur-Sojasun will be praying for an outbreak of doping cases among the Pro-Tour teams thereby enabling ASO to ban them from the Tour, freeing up  places for the afore-mentioned Continental Pro-Tour teams.  Don’t bank on it boys!

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