Month: December 2009

Happy New Year

As the sun sets on 2009, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, and their nearest and dearest, every happiness and success in 2010.

In situ

My beloved is going to be home for three whole weeks which is wonderful. If I say this often enough maybe I’ll even convince myself. He’s spent an inordinate amount of time away from home in 2009. His intention was always to spend alternate weeks at… Continue Reading “In situ”

Let off the leash

What do you call someone who takes the wrong turning on a pre-agreed route leaving behind the person with the house keys, money, mobile phone, spare inner tube and pump: careless, foolish, idiotic? I think we know the answer to this one. It did… Continue Reading “Let off the leash”

My 2009 highlights

Cyclingnews has asked a number of industry insiders for their highlights of the 2009 cycling season. Incredible as it may seem, they failed to ask me! I know, maybe their email is sitting in my spam. Best Performance: A number of worthy candidates, but for me it… Continue Reading “My 2009 highlights”

Negative brownie points

Santa left me just what I wanted: a dry, sunny day for riding. After a slap up breakfast, which included my delicious home made muffins, we set off on rapidly drying roads to enjoy a few hours in the saddle. As we left the Domaine,… Continue Reading “Negative brownie points”

In flagrente

After a few hours of respite yesterday, the downpour started again and has continued unabated today. I popped out early this morning to collect the edible goodies I had ordered for Xmas. Pre-ordering enables one to avoid the unavoidably long queues.  There was a… Continue Reading “In flagrente”

It’s more than my job’s worth

Last Thursday, I unfortunately missed the postman who was bringing me my big box of Amazon goodies (books, CDs and DVDs) to enjoy over the Xmas period. If he can’t put the package in my frankly gi-normous post box, he usually leaves it outside my front… Continue Reading “It’s more than my job’s worth”

Cabin fever

Following close on the “Big Chill”, we’re now experiencing the “Wash Out”. Leaving aside my cold, it’s not been possible to ride for the past 4 days and the outlook is little better. After spending a couple of days cooped up inside, I had… Continue Reading “Cabin fever”

Wondrous Japan

I was fortunate to catch up with an old friend over the phone yesterday. We keep in touch largely by email but like to talk to one another on or around our birthdays which straddle Xmas. We met while working on a major construction… Continue Reading “Wondrous Japan”

Cold, colder, coldest

A week or so ago I had a dramatic spike in viewing figures. Nearly 300 people viewed my site over two days, rather than the usual 1-12.  At first I couldn’t figure out why. Evidently, one of my posts “Hot, hotter, hottest” had a… Continue Reading “Cold, colder, coldest”