I awoke this morning to a truly spectacular sunrise. As I looked out of the bedroom window, from the bed, I could see a pewter ribbon of water edged with liquorice before a burst of Euskatel orange which faded through Sammy Sanchez gold to watery turquoise and pale grey. This foretold of further fine, riding weather. No good to me though, I’ve been grounded for a few days.

I’ve been nursing a saddle sore for a while and, as a consequence, have not been riding properly astride my saddle, which has put pressure on my left knee and right hip. Saturday, the sore spectacularly erupted. Obviously, I had to ride on Sunday, in defence of our championship (still awaiting news of whether we managed to successfully defend it – I fear not), but had to cut short my ride as there’s a limit as to how long I can ride out of the saddle.

Since then, it’s as if I’ve got my nose pressed up against the window desperate to be let in, or, in my case, out. I’m even more desperate since seeing the long range weather forecast for next week: rain, rain and more rain.

On the plus side, this has allowed me to spend more time in the gym as I enter the last week of my 6-week challenge. I don’t think that there’s been any momentous change but my jeans are definitely a lot looser. In one way this is good, in another it’s not. My jeans now have a tendancy to slip off all of their own accord as I discovered yesterday evening when I bent down to get something out of the car. Fortunately, it was in the dimly lit garage and there was no one around to witness my humiliation.

I dropped my beloved off at the airport yesterday morning and am now enjoying some peace and quiet. He’s back briefly Sunday evening before departing again on Monday. This lengthy respite should allow me to clear all the jobs on my “To Do” list, including the ironing mountain, and ready the apartment for Xmas.