Quelle surprise!

Yesterday evening, Ryan Giggs (PFA Player of the Year) was voted BBC Sport’s Personality of the Year. He’d obviously not expected to win as he’d not prepared, or even thought to prepare, a speech. Nonetheless, it was a well deserved and popular award. He’s always struck me as the “model professional” footballer having spent the last twenty years or so loyaly toiling on Man United’s wings and, very regrettably, as he’s Welsh, never on England’s. He’s a scorer of great goals, rather than a great goal scorer. Indeed, his goal a few year’s back against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final makes it into my top 5 goals of all time.

Cavendish was one of the ten contenders but never really in with a shout among the likes of Jensen Button (2nd) and Ryan Giggs. But I’ve no doubt his time will come. 

I’m not sure why they call the award the “Sports Personality” when, with few exceptions, that’s exactly what they are patently not. Please don’t take this as anything other than censure of the title. Winners need to be focused and self-centred, not well-rounded, witty, and amusing dinner companions.

Of course, some develop into sporting personalities after retiring, others simply never do. Whenever I’ve been lucky to meet one I’ve found the safest topics of conversation to be themselves and their sport.

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