No, it’s mine!

The sun appeared briefly yesterday before the rain reasserted itself once more. I’m therefore spending rather more time than anticipated on the home-trainer and down the gym, where I’ve cranked my routine up a few more notches to maintain momentum. Because we’re both resorting to the home trainer, a tug o’ war has ensued over the mat. We’ve got both of the trainers set up in the bedroom, where there’s ample room. However, there is only one mat. My beloved bought it for me last Xmas with my home trainer. However, he seems to think that possession really is 9/10ths of the law. It’s true that I don’t want him dripping sweat all over the wooden floor. So I’m sensing that a trip to my LBS (Local Bike Shop) to order another one might be a good idea.

My intrepid English class conducted some very important research yesterday afternoon. I have been charged with acquiring the Galettes des Rois for the club’s event next Tuesday. I decided to purchase them from my local bakery but prior to placing the order thought a taste test wouldn’t go amiss. The result was conclusive and very positive. So now I’ll place the order.

Brioche des rois
Brioche des Rois

In case you’re wondering, a Galette des Rois celebrates Christ being visited by the Magi (the three kings), at Epiphany.  The galette differs according to the regions: for example in Paris it’s a puff pastry dough covering a frangipane centre whereas down here it’s made of brioche, shaped like a crown and decorated with glace fruit. The cake contains a lucky charm (une fève) which originally was a bean, a symbol of fertility. Whoever finds the charm in their slice of cake, becomes King or Queen. Latterly, the charm can take any shape or form. It sometimes represents a religious figure such as the baby Jesus, but it can be virtually anything, and they have become  collectable items. It’s normal to eat a galette at the beginning of January with family, friends or club mates.

To supplement the purchased galettes, I’m going to make a couple of chocolate ones. In addition, I’ve a made a very rich and fruity Xmas cake and (my take) on mince pies. Hopefully, this should be enough to feed the hungry hordes.

(Header image: Club Galette des Rois) 

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