So, what would you like?

An impressive turn out by my club mates for this morning’s pointage at Nice Matin, despite near freezing conditions, which should cement our position in the Souvenir Cattaneo. I think we were all fed up of being cooped indoors and this bodes well for the defence of our regional title (10 consecutive) next week end. Unsurprisingly, we rode at a rather brisker pace than normal in order to keep warm and I tucked in just behind the leaders to avoid being tailed off the end. 

Once back home,I followed my usual winter post-ride Sunday routine, opting to wear the fleecy track suit to cook lunch and thereafter lounge around in. My beloved followed suit donning one of his (many) tracksuits. In honour of the rare (in both senses of the word) roast beef lunch, my beloved cracked open one of our more expensive bottles of red wine.

Afterwards, as we sat relaxing on the sofa reading the Sunday newspapers (him) and doing Sudoku (me), my beloved pondered on what he might buy me for my birthday. His pontificating fell way short of redeeming the horror of the desk diary Xmas present. To assist, I decided to use the example of a

A couple of cuties

friend of mine whose husband had treated her to a day as a zoo keeper for her birthday and followed this up with adoption of a couple of aardvarks for her Xmas present. 

My friend was over the moon with both her presents and, as a consequence, her husband is to be congratulated. Obviously, he had thought long and hard on what might be the perfect present for her.  He understands that it’s not about how much it costs, it’s about how much pleasure you’re going to give to the recipient.

To be fair during the many years we’ve been married, my beloved has bought me some wonderful gifts but I can count these occasions on the fingers of one hand. Sadly for him, he has a very hard act to follow – my Father – who is a consummate present giver of the very highest order. He also takes time to find wonderfully appropriate cards. You see my beloved has totally failed to appreciate that to be a great present giver takes both time and effort.

I’ve taken pity on him and suggested he pay for a cycling coach for me for the next six months. He’s agreed, so I’m going to get it sorted first thing on Monday before he changes his mind.

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