More guilty pleasures

I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy slobbing around the flat in my nightwear and fleecy tracksuit. Something else I like to indulge in, while wearing the afore-mentioned, is reading in bed. Now I can only do this while my husband’s away. When he’s home, we have to have lights off as soon as he wants to go to sleep. When he’s not here, I can indulge to my heart’s content. I always have at least one cookery book, one book on cycling and a book on something else on the bedside table, ready and waiting for a little illicit pleasure.

At the moment, I’m immersed in “Super Freakonomics” having already read, and immensely enjoyed, it’s pre-cursor “Freakonomics”. It’s written by two guys who look at the world from a different angle, ask lots of interesting questions and try to answer them. I guess they’re attempting to make sense of modern times with mind-blowing, articulate and sometimes amusing results. 

I found comfort in one of their findings today and I quote “… performers – whether in soccer or piano playing, surgery or computer programming – are nearly always made, not born.” So there’s hope for me yet. I am meeting with my prospective cycling coach tomorrow morning. I bet Jeannie Longo’s quaking in her Sidi’s!

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