Game, set and match

I shall shortly be leaving to collect my beloved from the airport, he’s been away for three blissful days. Yes, after almost 5 weeks of living in one another’s pockets, I was granted a brief respite.

 I have long realised that while he’s away I am four-fold more effective. I’ve tried to figure out why and I think it all boils down to time management. When he’s not here, I can tackle things in my normal, logical, driven fashion and I don’t become side-tracked. When he’s home, my focus changes and everything revolves around his timetable, not mine. In addition, there’s that unfortunate tendency of his to volunteer my services. I need to put some preventative measures in place to stop this from happening.

Of course, one consequence of his birthday present to me, is that I shall have a training programme to which I must adhere if I’m to achieve my desired results. So, I can use that to prevent him from derailing my timetable. Yes, I had a very satisfactory meeting with my prospective trainer this morning and we’ve agreed upon a course of action for the next six months. I shall keep you posted.

When I told my family that I was getting a cycling trainer they all wanted to know why, given that I already knew how to cycle. So I decided to put it in context. “Did you ask my sister Lynn why she continues to have tennis lessons, even though she knows how to play tennis?” “That’s different” they said, “she’s trying to further improve her game”. “Exactly, I just want to cycle better, faster and for longer”. I think they took the point.

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