Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, my beloved is buying me a Garmin 500 and, believe me, when I tell you that you don’t want to know what I gave him. Let’s just say that as a result we missed this morning’s pointage and leave it at that!

 We’ve stopped buying one another cards, largely because the French don’t do greetings cards and so the choice is both limited and rather unimaginative. In fact, on the rare occasions I’m in the UK or US, I stock up on cards which go the into the card drawer (oh yes, I’ve got a drawer where I keep them otherwise I can never find them when I need them). Failing which, I use Moonpig.

I’m not a girl who likes to receive flowers, chocolates or indeed champagne. The first I much prefer to select myself and the next two I am avoiding, how else am I going to lose that lung-crushing extra weight? My beloved has never, ever bought me underwear for Valentine’s or indeed any other occasion. In truth, it would never occur to him to do so but, if it did, he has no idea of my size or preferences. Plus, he would be far too embarrassed to go into a shop and buy it. Jewelry is always acceptable but frankly there’s a limit on how much one can wear and I already have a number of  lovely pieces which rarely see the light of day. 

So, I’m truly delighted with the Garmin which will be arriving next week and with which I shall be able to report back to my coach on my training. There’ll be no hiding now. As a bonus, I’ll be able to map all the club rides  and make them available on the club site. In future, there will no excuses for anyone getting lost.

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