Let’s start at the very beginning………..

It’s week 1 of my 6-month long cycling training programme. It started well on Monday, but then nothing spurs you on quite like a man with a clipboard and stop watch standing over you. He also took me through the results of my VO2 max test demonstrating how much improvement I will gain from some weight loss. It’s okay, I get the picture. I’m off wheat and sugar, reduced my dairy intake and upped my intake of protein – this usually works a treat.

I managed to fit in yesterday’s ride before it started raining. My path crossed with that of Amael Moinard who waved enthusiastically from the other side of the road. He was in the company of a Vacansoleil rider I’ve seen a few times over the past month or so. The brothers Feillu live up the road in Frejus, but it wasn’t either of them. A quick look at the team’s website reveals that they’ve another Frenchman riding for them, a neo-pro called Stephane Rossetto. So I’m assuming that’s who it is. 

I’ve only got the first two weeks of the programme so that we can assess whether it’s too easy or too hard, and amend accordingly. The programme includes a twice weekly regime of exercises and stretching. There are no rest days and each week there are 3 days of interval training: two on the home trainer, one on the bike. In addition, I have to undertake two of my rides in a fasted state: all the better to burn that excess fat!

Unfortunately, today’s 2:30hr ride has had to be switched with tomorrow’s interval training thanks to the weather. This is one-legged training to improve my pedalling technique. Clearly, I need it as I can’t seem to pedal smoothly through the top of the stroke, the so-called “dead-zone”. Would  elliptical cranks help?  After completing the 20 minute warm up my Polar decided to pack up, leaving me to estimate the timing of the intervals, the cadence and the wattage. I don’t think I did it too badly.

I can just about do an hour or so on the home trainer after that I get exceeding bored. However, if the weather doesn’t improve I’ll have to do my 2:30hr ride on the home trainer tomorrow. On the bright side, I’ll be able to watch the round up of the previous day’s action at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver so it won’t be too bad.

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