Shock, horror

The weather’s been really sunny these past couple of days. I wanted to ride outside yesterday but the programme prescribed some one-legged interval training on the home trainer. This is easily my least favourite bit of the programme but this week’s exercise seemed easier so perhaps my pedal action is improving. However, I did pop down to my LBS to let them know how much I’m enjoying my new toy, the Garmin  500.

This morning was still a bit damp from some overnight rain but it quickly dried up in the warm sunshine. The temperature reached 20 C degrees today; truly wonderful, despite the gale force wind. I had a great ride, waived to Amael Moinard, who like me was training on his lonesome,  before returning home to get ready for my trip to Nice, to New Vision. 

Yes, I’ve decided to take the plunge and have my eyes lasered. I’ve been thinking about it for some time but what’s brought it to a head is the need to replace all my pairs of glasses. The cost of the two options are not dissimilar, so it’s now or never. Today was part I of the process to determine whether or not I’m a suitable candidate, eyeswise. It would appear that I am and now have an appointment with the opthalmic Surgeon who’ll undertake  part II of the assessment and then the  procedure itself. Nice has quite a reputation in opthalmic circles and there are a number of companies offering this service. I opted for New Vision because they support OGCN.

I arrived back home with enough time for a quick snack before heading back to the club for the monthly meeting of our racers to hand out their racing licences. Yesterday, I lent my club house keys to one of my team mates who’s kindly giving some IT instruction to those who are IT illiterate. The DS had assured me that it wasn’t a problem for this evening’s meeting as the Treasurer had agreed to come down and open the club house for us. Knowing that I was going to be there too, and assuming that I had my keys, the Treasurer went on an emergency call out with her husband. The net result was a 45 minute wait in the cold (and dark) for all of us. Interestingly, no one suggested going into the cafe opposite to have a drink and wait for the keys to arrive.  

Before heading off to bed, I decided to check the start time of the television coverage of this week end’s races and discovered, to my horror, that RTBF Sat has discontinued broadcasting. This was the channel on which I used to watch all the Belgian classics, largely because of its superior and lengthier coverage. Now what am I going to do? Coverage in France is only on Sport+. It’s no good, I can see that I’m going to have to subscribe to Canal+. Meanwhile, I’ll be checking the net for links. I’ll probably end up watching it either on a Norwegian or Japanese channel!

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