Good choice

I was feeling in particularly fine fettle this morning as I set off to meet my trainer (no laughing please) for our first ride together in the great outdoors. He very kindly rode in front of me while we were riding into a headwind. Laughable really as, while he’s tall, he’s easily half my width and with a single digit BMI. So, not much protection from the wind at all, but I appreciated the gesture. He too must have realised it was futile as we quickly switched to doing relays.

Today’s ride included some sprint intervals where sadly I was able to amply demonstrate my lack of explosivity. Still, I persevered. My trainer politely enquired whether my legs were aching. No, not a bit. Like Lance, I don’t readily build up lactic acid. In fact, I suspect I use it as a source of energy rather like other people use their fat stores. On the subject of fat, I’m happy to report that last week’s tummy troubles have melted off a couple of kilos.  Of course, this could account for why I’ve been feeling so spritely or maybe it’s just the return of Spring. 

After the training, I rode into Cannes to meet up with an old friend who was at MIPIM, the annual property fest. The place was buzzing. So clearly the property market is picking up, though it’s still a long way off from the heady early noughties. I first met my friend when he bid to act for my previous employer in a professional category on a major property project. Only two firms answered all the questions in our brief and the decision as to which one to pick was delegated to me by the rest of the team. I sought advice from a colleague with more experience in these matters. She gave me some wise counsel. “You’re going to be working closely with these guys for a number of years so pick the one you like the best”. So I did. It’s a decision, I’ve never regretted.

I’m now making plans for Saturday and Milan-San Remo. I had such a blast last year, I’ve simply got to go again this year. I’m hoping to meet up with a girlfriend whom I first met when we were both volunteers in Varese 2008. However, rather than go alone, I’m going with one of my girlfriends. We’ll be able to catch up with all our respective news, over a cup of excellent Italian coffee (the best) while we await the start of the live transmission. I’m hoping that Boonen’s first win on Italian soil (last week in Tirreno Adriatico) may presage his second on Saturday. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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