Willie Wonka

Thanks to BA, my husband, who should have been away until Saturday evening, is at home. This is imposing additional strains on my training programme. Let me explain. Tuesday evening is club night and every week I’m there from 17:00-19:00, longer if there’s other meetings beforehand or a soiree afterwards. The last thing I want to do when I get back home is rustle up an evening meal. Usually, I settle for a bowl of soup, something my husband considers to be an acceptable starter, but not a main course. Fortunately, I had a little something I’d prepared earlier to pop into the oven on my return.

Not so today. This morning I went out for a  3hr ride. I returned home, showered, changed and was just on my out to the club (again) when I caught sight of my husband’s face. Obviously, he’d been awaiting  my return assuming that I would prepare lunch for him. No way Jose. He was left to forage in the fridge.

I was going to the club to support the Club Treasurer who was meeting with our auditor. Yes, the local Town Hall sends someone to check we’ve not been playing fast and loose with the club’s funds. Prior to leaving, I had asked my beloved what he’d like for dinner and he’d requested lamb chops. The meeting took much longer than I’d hoped so, rather than getting snarled up in the evening traffic in Cap 3000, I decided to pop into the butcher’s in Cros de Cagnes, totally forgetting that it’s closed on Wednesdays. So that’ll be endive, walnut and blue cheese salad for two.

He’s off to Zurich tomorrow, a day’s respite. I’m dropping him off at the airport and then going to collect my partner’s husband whose bike is being serviced at my LBS. I’ll leave the car there and then, with our respective partners for this week end’s Gentleman, we’re heading off to St Laurent du Var for a parcours inspection and some relay training. It’ll be a quick turn around for me before heading back to the club for my Thursday afternoon English class.

The BA strike may spill over into next week, so my beloved is flying to UK via Zurich on another carrier, affording me some much needed breathing space before Easter and the arrival of yet more guests. Yes, when you live in one of the greatest places on God’s green earth everyone wants to come and visit. Luckily, I only have the one guest room.