Yellow peril

While Spring has arrived it’s been uncommonly windy and it’s blowing the pine tree pollen absolutely everywhere. Yesterday evening, I cleaned and polished everywhere, this afternoon everything was again covered in yellow pollen. It’s a bit of a losing battle at this time of year.

Like Contador, I’m allergic to tree pollen. It affects my breathing, I sound like someone with a serious nicotine habit. My eyes water and my nose streams constantly, making frequent snot stops a necessity.

I saw the opthalmic surgeon on Monday and he’s going for the minimally invasive approach and will laser only one eye: my most myopic one. He’s leaving the other well alone. This way I’ll have both good near and long-sightedness. To simulate the post-operative effect, I’m wearing one contact lense in my right eye. So far this is working well and I’ve (at long last) been able to get a pair of cycling sunglasses: Oakley Transitions, the same as my beloved’s but with black frames. Already, I look cooler and feel better on the bike.

Training’s going well this week and I’m looking forward to a long ride tomorrow with my beloved. The forecast for the week end is not optimistic, however I’m still hopeful of making it up the Col de la Madone on Sunday. Afterwards, I’ve a date with the fleecy tracksuit, the sofa and the Tour of Flanders.