Truly fabulous

44km to go and Cancellara launches a dig on the Limburg, Tommeke goes too and they distance the leading pack. Millar tries to bridge, but doesn’t, and is joined by Gilbert and Leukemans, who subsequently drop Millar. Cancellara looks to be riding more smoothly and more easily than Tom and is definitely doing longer turns on the front.

As correctly (for once) predicted by the commentators, Fabulous Fabian pedals away from Tom on the Muur – better gear selection, better legs. In next to no time, he’s 300 metres ahead and time-trialling to victory. Tom’s gritting his teeth but he knows, it’s game over. He’s going to be second again, not a place he enjoys but today there is no shame is losing to Spartacus. Maybe, he’ll get his revenge next week end at Paris-Roubaix. Gilbert, completes the podium. What a thrilling race!

Flanders podium

The weather in Belgium was better than anticipated. Here too the forecast storm never materialised. However, having already completed my week’s programmed road miles, and having overslept this morning, I settled for some one-legged intervals on the home trainer. My legs are tired, not exactly a build up of lactic acid, more generally muscle fatigue. But I’ll be raring to go tomorrow.

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