Really excellent, thanks

Every two weeks my cycling coach asks me to complete a small questionnaire. On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), I have to say how tired I’m feeling, how confident I’m feeling about meeting my goal (London-Paris) and my mood. Generally, I score 5, 7 and 10 respectively. I also have to give him positives and negatives about my training regime.

This week the legs are definitely an 8 and I think I’ve a slight groin strain. I’m not sure how I did this. Was it the one-legged pedalling on Sunday or was it stomping on the pedals up the Col de la Madone yesterday? Today the weather was again wonderful, but I felt no real desire to cycle. Stretch yes, cycle no.

Instead, I went with M le President to the AGM of our local branch of Credit Agricole, one of the club’s sponsors. We decided that a show of solidarity was needed to cement the relationship and ensure their continued support. It seemed to work as they’ve agreed to cover the cost of the trophies for the forthcoming Kivilev. This is not an inconsiderable cost as we seem to hand them out willy, nilly to all and sundry.  I did suggest we recycle some of our considerable haul but suspect it was regarded much as a treasonable offence.

Back to the questionnaire. I’m still a 7 on meeting my goal, after all there’s just under 3 month’s of training. Though I did get a bit disheartened last Friday when I was overtaken by a man running up Col de Vence. My husband agreed that he was clearly a top runner and I could have easily overtaken him going the other way ie downhill. 

My mood is still a 10. In fact, it’s hardly ever less than 10. It’s much more likely to exceed 10. Indeed, when people ask me how I am, I generally say “Really excellent, as usual”.

My favourite bits of the programme are the two rest days this week though I’m going to have to get a fuller explanation as to what exactly is involved in Saturday’s “muscular activation including 5 accelerations lasting from 10-30 seconds”. I have checked and this activity definitely takes place on the bike. All this is leading up to Sunday’s cyclosportif La Charly Berard.

Like last year, I have opted for the shorter course (just three hills) but instead of starting at the back I’m going to be leading the charge from the front and trying to stay with the pack as long as possible. have me at 2-1 to get dropped on the ride up to Falicon – what do they know?