Sign on the dotted line

This afternoon I spoke with the President of our local UFOLEP branch about a delicate matter so it was not an appropriate time to raise my concerns about certain clubs serving inferior brands of coke (ie not the real thing). As a club we have been much solicited and, while we have lost a few members, even more seem keen to join. In particular, because of the (financial) support we give to our racers, disaffected members from other clubs are knocking on our door.

Not unnaturally, UFOLEP has rules to counter this. Apparently, we are permitted only four transfers during each two-year period. We had two last year, we’ve already had one this season and I’ve just submitted a request for another three ,while I know there’s possibly another three or four in the pipeline. Frankly, UFOLEP has very few races but coincidentally two of them are this week end. I suspect that neither FFC nor FSGT share UFOLEP’s scruples, so we may well be in the clear for the rest of the season. However, having three licences is proving expensive for both club and member. So, it’s highly likely that neither the racers nor the juniors will hold UFOLEP licences next season. 

M Le President is on vacation until Saturday and I know that our Directeur Sportif is going to get quite excised about this but clearly there’s not a lot we can do if those are the rules. We will have to wait for a bit of inter-presidential interface. Strictly between you, me and the gatepost, it appears that some of our would-be members are cycling club slappers. Yes, they’ve had more cycling clubs than you or I have had hot dinners. Which begs a whole lot of other questions. Meanwhile, we have at long last found someone who’ll fit into those super small cycling jerseys.