Spring is sprung

I so totally love this time of year.  The countryside is really green and lush, there are wild flowers in the hedgerows, the fruit trees, wisteria and lilac are blossoming, there’s catkins, pussy willows, plenty of new, lime green foliage and the birds are full of song. The mid-day temperatures are in the early twenties and it’s time to start climbing upwards, onwards and further afield. So, it’s really difficult, particularly when the legs are feeling (if not looking) good , to take a day’s rest as per the programme. But I did as instructed.

What’s made it worse is that I’ve gotten back from my English class to discover my beloved’s home and he’s gone for a ride. Which is great, but I wish I could too. As I look out the window, the sky and sea have merged and there’s this endless vista of azure blue. I could gaze at it all evening, but I must prepare my beloved’s dinner. He’ll be hungry when he gets back from his ride.

I see Cav’s back on song in Romandie. I’m not sure what his two fingered salute at the finish signified: 2nd win of the season or……………… Anyway, I’m pleased to see his season is finally back on track (along with Renshaw’s) and I’m sure he’s going to be racking up wins left, right and centre.

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