It’s raining, it’s pouring

The depression over the Cote d’Azur sadly lingers on. All this week I’ve been playing dodge the rain in order to fit in my training programme. Typically, it was sunny on Monday morning – a rest day. I was really tempted to go for a ride, particularly when I sighted Boonen (sans helmet again) and friends heading along the coast at a positively pedestrian pace. I say “friends” because as usual he was leading the group and on its outside thereby effectively obscuring the others whom I assume were the other Monegasque resident Belgians (Steegmans and Gilbert) plus Pozzato.

It started raining in earnest on Monday afternoon and continued all day Tuesday. Tuesday’s ride was executed on the home trainer. It looked as if Wednesday’s ride was heading in the same direction but, luckily,it ceased raining around lunchtime and the roads were starting to dry out when I dropped my beloved off at the airport: peace and tranquility assured until Saturday evening. I came back and went out on the bike for a few hours returning as soon as the sky looked menacing. The temperature has dropped, so it was back into the long sleeved winter shirt and leg warmers. Afterwards, the fleecy tracksuit made a welcome re-appearance. 

Today the temperature has dropped even further and, for this morning’s ride, I opted for my winter tights and winter jacket.  The rain’s held off, but it’s awfully dark overhead particularly back into the hills, with only the littoral enjoying some brighter, dryer weather. As a result, there were a lot of riders  circumnavigating Cap d’Antibes this morning. The rain’s forecast to return this afternoon but tomorrow should be dryer.

Under repair - La Croisette - Cannes

Tuesday’s storms caused massive waves to again pound the beaches all along the Cote d’Azur, sending sand and stones crashing all over  the coast road, which was subsequently closed, and destroying beach restaurants in its wake. This was particularly poignant as many restauranters have endured similar problems throughout this winter and were just getting ready to open for the summer season.

I’m hoping and praying for better weather next week because I’m off to watch several stages of the Giro d’Italia starting with the TTT in Cuneo and continuing along the Ligurian coastline into Tuscany where, hopefully, I’ll also be logging plenty of training miles.

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