Brad blasts bunch

The torrential rain has returned just as Stage 1 of this year’s Giro draws to a close. Bradley Wiggins will be the man in pink tomorrow having beaten two guys from BMC (Bookwalter and Evans) by 2 seconds on a flat, slightly technical, course. Vino was a creditable 4th, 5 seconds back from Wiggins.

I managed to fit in this morning’s ride but felt really chilled as the temperatures have dropped by about 10 degrees. Additionally, there was a strong wind which has presumably kept the rain at bay for most of the day. I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow, but I may be hoping in vain.

Evans is touted as the favourite for the Giro by both L’Equipe and La Gazzetta dello Sport and it would be fitting if he could finally bag a Grand Tour win. Most of the pundits seem to think that the hard, third week will be decisive. I have checked out the stage profiles and my legs ache just looking at them. While I’m going to be following a few of the early stages I will not be attempting any tricky climbs, I really just want to build up some mileage. 

My beloved is due back from the UK this evening. He told me his plane would be landing at 19:50. I have checked, there are no flights from the UK landing at 19:50, at either terminal. I repeatedly ask him to ring or text me before take off to let me know whether or not the flight is on time and to give me the flight no. Not, I think, an unreasonable request.

I have emailed him, sent him a text message and left a message on his mobile asking for confirmation that he’s coming back this evening. I have not received a reply. Again, nothing unusual as he may well have run down his mobile. This is either because he’s been attached to it all day and has exhausted the battery or because he’s forgotten to recharge it. If that’s the case, he won’t be able to ring me when he lands. Nor will he be able to ring me from a phone box, as he’s incapable of remembering the home number which is stored, yes that’s right, on his mobile.

Frankly, I’m just going to wait and see. Either he’ll turn up or he won’t. I don’t wish to come across as uncaring but I have spent so many hours fruitlessly waiting for my beloved that I now just assume he’ll put in an appearance at some point – or not. In case he does, I have, of course,  prepared dinner, but nothing that’ll spoil if he doesn’t.