My beloved returned yesterday evening, safe and sound. His flight had been delayed. However, I may now be stuck with him as the volcanic ash has drifted across southern Europe closing numerous airports, including Nice. He was due to depart for Poland tomorrow morning.

I let him sleep in this morning as he’s had a few very busy days. Given the state of the weather (70% chance of precipitation), we decided to ride along the coast this morning. Fortunately, it didn’t rain, although it was quite humid and still wet underfoot from yesterday’s torrential downpour.  We returned from our ride, had lunch and settled down to watch Stage 2 of the Giro.

Initially, this was beset by technical problems as there were no pictures from the helicopters, just those from the motorcycles. As is often the case at the start of a Grand Tour, the peloton was nervous and the amount of Dutch road furniture didn’t help. There were numerous spills, including the Stage winner and the Pink Jersey, but fortunately none appeared to be too serious. Though a crash within 7km of the finish produced splits in the peloton allowing Evans, who was in the first group along with Vino, to don pink for tomorrow’s stage. Plenty of the sprinters are within spitting distance of the leader’s jersey so it’s highly probable that Evans will relinquish it after tomorrow’s stage.

The riders may then face a very long transfer (1276km) by road, rather than a flight, to Northern Italy for Wednesday’s TTT. Sadly though not all the team’s buses are quite as well equipped as that of Team Sky. Bang goes their rest day!

Given the very unfavourable weather forecasts, we have cancelled our trip following the early stages of the Giro, though I shall still go to see the TTT in Cuneo. This means, weather permitting, we’ll be able to take part for the first time in La Vencoise which, as it’s name suggests, starts in Vence and heads over the Col de Vence, following a not dissimilar route to that of La Louis Caput but with slightly more climbing, returning by way of Col de Vence.

Postscript: Nice airport has reopened allowing my beloved to depart. Equally, I assume the riders  in the Giro will be able to fly to Italy.

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