I spy with my little eye…..

Only hours after having my eye lasered, I can see without glasses. I was a little apprehensive beforehand, but the clinic did everything to put me at ease, including giving me a therapeutic foot massage. Attractively clad in slip on disposable booties, a paper shower cap and blue apron I lay down on the operating table and did exactly as I was told. My charming opthalmic surgeon was ably assisted by a nurse and a technician who reassuringly talked me through the entire procedure.

After anaesthesia in both eyes, my right eye underwent treatment to cure my short-sightedness and astigmatism. It was uncomfortable, rather than painful, and over very quickly. Afterwards my eye felt a little scratchy. I was expecting it to be more painful as the anaesthetic wore off, but it wasn’t.

I declined the post-operative coffee and cakes, settled my bill, thanked everyone and headed off home to watch the Giro. After yesterday’s exciting TT up the Plan de Corones, won by Stefano Garzelli, today’s was a more prosaic stage: 173km to Pejo Terme. The fireworks were provided by yet another lone rider from a breakaway group who landed his first professional win in an 8-year career with Cofidis to give France its second stage winner in this edition. Damien Mounier set off 3km from the finish leaving behind his breakaway companions and held on to take his first ever pro-tour win – fantastic. Arroyo is still in pink and the usual suspects are lurking in the wings, waiting to pounce.

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