Month: June 2010

Last minute bits and bobs

Samuel Et’o’s Cameroon are the first team to be eliminated from the 2010 World Cup. This is a shame given that their match last night against Denmark was easily the best thus far. However, Nicolas Anelka got the march on them as, having had words with his… Continue Reading “Last minute bits and bobs”

Weight of expectation

There’s been a collective weeping, wailing and beating of breasts in France today after their football team lost 2-0 to Mexico. Most have them on the plane home already. I’ve no idea what L’Equipe made of it as there were no copies available today in… Continue Reading “Weight of expectation”

Only a week to go

Yes, in a week’s time I’ll be merrily pedalling my way across the North and South Downs on Stage 1 of my three stage adventure to Paris. Of course, I’m feeling a lot more confident about the whole trip since I’ve seen the parcours London-Paris… Continue Reading “Only a week to go”


I love watching cycling but I hate seeing anyone fall, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. You see, I’m not too good with blood, mine or anyone else’s, the mere sight of it makes me feel very faint. I go green, need to… Continue Reading “Carambolage!”

No room at the Vuelta

Fans will be denied the chance to see a repeat of Johnny Hoogerland’s daily daring escapes during this year’s Vuelta a España. Yes, that’s right Vacansoleil weren’t invited to yet another grand tour and neither were Skil Shimano.  However, to give Unipublic their due they have invited two smaller Spanish outfits, … Continue Reading “No room at the Vuelta”

It’s started

I’d been finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm for the World Cup but once it kicked off on Friday I found myself naturally taking an interest. I watched France v Uruguay, a  tense match with few opportunities for either side. The French… Continue Reading “It’s started”

Fashion advice

Any fashionista will tell you that you can’t skimp on quality when wearing white. Cheap simply doesn’t cut it. The same goes for cycling shorts, as white appears to be the choice for the summer months. Now, you don’t see many women wearing white cycling shorts,… Continue Reading “Fashion advice”

What took you so long?

Occasionally, one finds stories buried among the daily cycling news that rather gladden the heart and bring a smile to one’s lips. This is one such story which caught my eye on the Cycling News website. The IOC, somewhat late in the day it… Continue Reading “What took you so long?”

Assistance not required

This afternoon, one of my neighbours made a show of looking for the motor on my bike. Frankly, I was flattered particularly as he’d just seen me ride back up to the apartment on an average 7% gradient. To be honest, when I first… Continue Reading “Assistance not required”


When I first moved to France I made a point of watching French TV, reading the French press and listening to French radio in order to improve and update my vocabulary.  As a consequence, my car radio is automatically tuned into RMC, a sports and news… Continue Reading “Threesome”