Only a week to go

Yes, in a week’s time I’ll be merrily pedalling my way across the North and South Downs on Stage 1 of my three stage adventure to Paris. Of course, I’m feeling a lot more confident about the whole trip since I’ve seen the parcours London-Paris Profiles – nothing I can’t handle. Yes, it’s lumpy but there’s no long climbs and nothing much above 150m. The challenging aspect will, of course, be maintaining an average speed of 25km/hr. That’s where an engine might have come in handy!

Scott Sutherland, latterly of CSC and Sky, who’s one of the Group 5 ride captains,  kindly shared some words of wisdom yesterday with all the participants as to what riding we should be doing in the run up to the event. He could have been describing my training plan, which is very reassuring.

As befits someone whose watchword is “planning and preparation is the key to success,” I’m slowly ticking off everything on my list and carefully packing everything I need to take with me. The long-range weather forecast for northern France doesn’t look promising, we may well have a very wet Day 2, so I’m taking all of my wet weather gear. My touring bike, the Orbea Diva, is undergoing it’s final checks down at my LBS: new inner tubes, tyres, brake pads, chain etc. One can never be too cautious or too well prepared.

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