Day off

Like the boys in the Tour de France, today’s a rest day in my training programme. Though while they’ll be going for a gentle spin to keep the legs tuned, I’ll be wading through loads of administrative stuff which I need to clear before our upcoming vacation.

Yes, I’m continuing with the training programme. I’ve enjoyed it so much more than anticipated and it gives me a real sense of purpose each time I go out on the bike. My first 6 month block ends this month and my coach asked me what I wanted to do. Did I want to stop, continue after a break or carry right on?  We all know the answer to that question.

The workload has lessened since London-Paris, but I’m feeling really strong and riding well  at the moment (despite the heat), and am hoping this continues, particularly as I’m going to tackle Le Tourmalet next week. The feet are still painful, but manageable, and I’ve been given some exercises to do to ameliorate the situation.

My coach asked me what I’d learned from taking part in London-Paris. Quick as a flash I replied that I don’t much enjoy riding with lots of other people: 5-6 is my ideal number. That’s 5-6 who ride at my pace, or a bit faster.   This is therefore a bit of a conundrum when looking at a challenge for next year. How many cycling events or cyclosportifs are restricted to 5-6 people? That’s right, none!

I watched the World Cup Final last night. Well, most of it. I dozed off during the second half and woke up just before Spain scored the only goal of the game. Give that man Iniesta a prize! According to L’Equipe, Alberto Contador is going to give him one of his bikes as he apparently enjoys cycling – excellent idea.  The South Africans should feel proud that they’ve staged such a magnificent tournament, won by the team which played the most scintillating football.

We are the champions..................

Lastly, congratulations should go to four of my clubmates who have today won the French FSGT  team time-trial championships – chapeau lads!

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