Easy, easy, easy

I don’t know about the UCI checking out Cancellara’s bike for an engine,  they should check Cavendish’s for an extra gear. He won yesterday with ease, even having time to check behind him twice. He truly is the world’s fastest sprinter and has already exceeded the number of sprints won by that perennial green jersey winner, Erik Zabel. He could possibly accumulate as many wins in the Tour as Super Mario did in the Giro. Alessandro Petacchi is back in green but this is a jersey, unlike the others, that’s going to go to the wire.

Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise followed yesterday’s 198km from Salies-de-Bearn to Bordeaux and were presented with signed, yellow jerseys by Alberto Contador. I have seen a number of photos of the trio in the press and it’s interesting to note that where Cameron is standing next to Contador, it’s just a head shot, while the full-length photos show her keeping her distance. Do you think she’s been reading my blog and specifically the entry “Don’t stand so close to me”?

Today, like Alberto Contador, we were on the edge of our seats as, quelle surprise, Andy Schleck appeared to be putting time into Alberto in the final time trial: 52km from Bordeaux to Pauillac.  However, it was simply a question of difference in approach. Andy understandably gave everything from the start, while Alberto better measured his effort.

Sadly, and as anticipated, Denis Menchov put time into Sammy Sanchez and replaced him on the 3rd step of the podium.  Also, as anticipated, Fabulous Fabian, the Olympic and World Champion, won the time trial.

Alberto looked close to tears as he received the maillot jaune today perhaps realising that it had been a closer shave than he would have liked. Andy however was left to reflect on what might have been if only he’d had the support of his elder brother Frank for the length of the Tour.

4 Comments on “Easy, easy, easy

  1. I think Andy will have to wonder how he managed to lose 42 seconds to Alberto in the prologue. I know he went out quite a bit earlier when it was wetter (because Saxo Bank left Fabian until last), but with hindsight even another 20 seconds would have been quite useful …


    • If you want to win the Tour, your team has to commit 100% to that goal: no diversions. It’s possibly why the Schleck’s are setting up their own team.


      • Indeed. Although it’s also rumoured that they will take Cancellara with them, so the same conflict of interest potentially exists. I know this year’s prologue was unusual because of it’s wet/dry nature, but it was for possibilities like this that Armstrong always used to insist his team focussed on him and him alone. I just wonder whether Andy is fundamentally too “nice”?


  2. funny you should mention this. My beloved husband and I were discussing this very point when we rode this morning up the Jaizkibel (the steep side)> I’ve not met Andy, but he does come across as being a thoroughly nice boy. I have, on the other hand, met Alberto who again is a really nice chap but with a steely inner core.


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