Month: August 2010

Scant consolation

On today’s stage, another hot one, 157.3km from Marbella to Malaga, I was willing one of the original 7-man breakaway to the finish line. But sometimes even our combined wills just aren’t enough. Serafin Martinez (Xacobeo Galicia) having accelerated away from his breakaway companions on the… Continue Reading “Scant consolation”

Not in the script

I have spent an enjoyable week end with my beloved who’s back from his transatlantic jaunt. Yesterday we rose late, as a consequence of his jet lag, and, after a leisurely breakfast,  set off for a ride. We had just exited the domaine when my beloved punctured.… Continue Reading “Not in the script”

Bring it on

Hours before the start of the 65th edition (and 75th anniversary) of the Vuelta a Espana, I’m all set and raring to go. Unusually, there’s no pile of laundry to keep me occupied when I’ll be whiling away my afternoons in front of the television.… Continue Reading “Bring it on”

Hit and run

After Tuesday’s hazardous ride, I was hoping for something less stressful on yesterday’s 3 hour training ride. Where shall I start: lorries driving past perilously close, a bee sting on my lip and woeful ignorance of the mantra “Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre”. This last occurred… Continue Reading “Hit and run”

My mojo’s back

Yesterday was one of rest and relaxation ie no cycling. However, I managed to clear a lot of administrative stuff and ready myself for the onslaught involved in the renewal of cycling licences. This year, thank goodness, I will be flying solo, and using… Continue Reading “My mojo’s back”


I awoke Friday morning to the sound of falling rain. Never mind, a quick go on the home trainer and I was off to the airport to collect my beloved. By the time he arrived, the roads were already starting to dry out in… Continue Reading “Heartsick”


I generally ride alone, that way I can go out when and where I want. The exceptions being club rides on Sunday, rides with my beloved and rides with my coach. Yesterday I chanced upon a chap who’d had an “Andy Schleck”. That’s right,… Continue Reading “Playmates”

Jaws holidays on Cote d’Azur

I am not a fan of horror or scary movies, not even slightly scary ones. For example, I only have to hear the opening bars to the theme tune to Jaws for my blood to chill. I might be going to Australia in September, but… Continue Reading “Jaws holidays on Cote d’Azur”

Down, but not out

After spending the best part of a week, three days of which in the Luberon, with three of my favourite boys, it’s good to be back home. The purpose of the trip was to ride up Mont Ventoux though my Swiss friends ascended all three ways, on successive… Continue Reading “Down, but not out”

What next?

I rode yesterday with my coach. As part of my programme he rides with me once a month and I regard this as important for two reasons. Firstly, he can help me improve technically and, secondly, he can better assess my progress. Yesterday we… Continue Reading “What next?”