Love at first sight

I’ve just bought myself another road bike. I know, that’s my 3rd one but I’m going to sell the Orbea Diva. As you know I totally love my Astana badged BMC and I’m buying my new one from the same supplier: Andrei Mizurov. We take the same frame size, but sadly that’s where the similarities end. He weighs considerably less than me and cycles considerably faster. I’m lucky that his son is taller than both of us, so the bike is too small for him.

But isn’t this a beauty? The eagle-eyed among you will note that the blue paintwork is, wholly coincidentally, the same shade as that of our club shirts.

My new bike!

For me buying bikes is a bit like buying handbags: slightly more expensive than your run-of-the-mill designer handbag but so much more rewarding.

Like last time, I will of course have to swap out the 53/39  for something a little less exhausting. I may even try out an elliptical chain ring  which may solve my issues with the dead spot. I just can’t wait to ride it. I think I’m going to insist that, in future, Mizu gives me first refusal on all his bike resales.

Postscript: Picked up the bike yesterday and took it for a spin this morning – heavenly. The handlebars need to be adjusted slightly but otherwise it’s a perfect fit.  I’m even going to hang on to the 53/39 for the time being.

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