I have been working away, like the mad woman that I am, clearing down my “to do” list. I have been partly aided and abetted by the absence of my beloved. He was due to return yesterday evening on the last flight from Heathrow which was cancelled thanks to yesterday’s General Strike in France. There were protesting, as is their wont, to changes in the retirement age. France, like many other countries, has a pension burden it cannot meet. So some of us will have to work for a wee bit longer. I include myself in this as I will be entitled to a French pension upon retirement, whenever that might be. I, however, did not have time to protest yesterday.

He was unable to get on a flight until this afternoon. Meaning, of course, that he’ll arrive home this evening with plenty to do before our departure tomorrow morning. I, meanwhile, am ready for the off. Just as well really as, this evening, I’ll be sorting out his clothes and doing his packing. I was only musing yesterday with my kid sister that it must be so nice being Richard. Just turn up and it’s all done. Still, I suppose I should be grateful that he’s coming back this evening. He’s got a nasty habit of returning literally hours before we head off on vacation.

When he does return, I will be down at the club for a meeting of the Conseil d’Administration. I have left him some dinner and a list of instructions. He’ll no doubt consume the former and ignore the latter.

I went to get some urgent photocopying done this morning ahead of this evening’s meeting. I use a copy shop not far from the club which is normally (wo)manned by a very helpful lady and her overly friendly dog. However, I had totally forgotten that she doesn’t work on Fridays. In her stead is a real French job’s worth who advised me he would be unable to copy 10 sheets in colour until Monday afternoon. I was a little taken aback. The place was empty, apart from the two of us, and none of the copiers were running. Instead, he advised me to go to another place, about a kilometer away. So I did.

This place was  humming. It was a hive of activity. Every copier was working and the small workroom was stacked high with work in progress. Nonetheless, they turned my small job around in under 5 minutes and, more importantly, for half the cost. Guess where I’ll be going for all my copying requirements in the future?

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