Postcards from Sydney II

Heading back to Melbourne today and then flying home tomorrow via Doha. My flight’s late so I’ll get to spend all day in Melbourne. I’ve enjoyed my brief stay in Sydney, particularly my bike ride around Manly yesterday. Though my idea of a “road bike” differs markedly from that of the bike shop. What I got was a sit up and beg bike, commonly seen on the bike lanes of Belgium and Holland. But beggars can’t be choosers, or so it seems. I’m less than impressed with the beaches in Sydney, Bondi beach was a real let down.

On the way back to my hotel,  I decided to have an early dinner in town and popped into the Four Seasons. No, not in my cycling gear, I had a change of clothes with me. Aching feet notwithstanding, I walked all the way back to my hotel just to reassure myself that I had indeed done Sydney. I didn’t seem to be feeling any after effects this morning as I went for my jog around the harbour.

Australians are unabashed foodies. My favourite spot in the whole of Sydney might just be the Cookery section in Dymocks on George St. I have never seen so many cookery books in one place. I immediately found at least 20 I simply have to acquire but there’s no way I could cram them into my luggage. I’ll have to place a large order with Amazon when I get back. However, there’s a couple not available on Amazon which I’ll have to buy in Melbourne.

I have also been very impressed with the general standard of the restaurants and cafes both here and in Melbourne whose cooking fabulously  fuses the diverse ethnicity of its citizens. Australians are incredibly friendly and within about five minutes you’ve learnt their entire history. I’ve met people who originally came from as far away as Mongolia and Peru. My visit has coincided with Spring-break and a high for the Australian dollar but it’s no dearer than at home. And when I say home, I mean, of course, the Cote d’Azur.  It’s good to travel but it’s even better to return home.

3 Comments on “Postcards from Sydney II

  1. Sydney is my favourite city in the world – great climate, great people, great surroundings. I know what you mean about the Sydney beaches – both Bondi and Manly are fine, but neither lives up to hype. I know the section of Dymocks you mentioned well – we actually bought a couple of books from there on our last visit. My favourite restaurant in the city is Rockpool in Darling Harbour – pricey, but the seafood tasting menu is to die for.


    • Excellent restaurant recommendation and I would probably have gone there had my beloved not been diverted to US on business. When I’m on my own I like to seek out slightly edgier restaurants. Sydney’s not my favourite city but it would make my top 20.


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