Forbidden pleasures

Today I had an appointment with a dietician. My cycling coach has decided that I’m not losing weight fast enough and drastic action is required. Prior to the meeting, I had to complete a very detailed questionnaire about my eating habits which she has now analysed. She immediately pinpointed my areas of “weakness”: dairy products, fruit and insufficient protein.

The upshot is that I have to weigh my food, eat lean protein at every meal, say goodbye forever to dairy produce, including cheese, eat only 1 piece of fruit a day and loads of vegetables. On days that I ride, I can have additional carbohydrates, but only at breakfast or lunch. Yes, this is going to be a bundle of laughs – not! However, if it’s the route to cycling faster, particularly uphill, I’m willing to give it a go.

I had an early start again this morning and have made serious inroads into the club accounts. I have discovered that the Treasurer has taken rather a nonchalant approach to analysing the payments. This has meant going back to most of the (beautifully filed) supporting documentation. In addition, M le President has been using a rather out of date distribution list so at least half the club is rather out of the loop. This probably explains the lacklustre response to the buffet: now cancelled.  

My beloved has again departed until Saturday evening, leaving me to enjoy the peace and quiet. We discovered yesterday that he has lost his replacement Oakley sunglasses. To be fair, these have lasted 18 months: something of a record. You may recall, the previous pair lasted only one month. My LBS promised that, if he lost the 2nd pair, I could have an even bigger discount on their replacement. I’ll pop in to see him tomorrow en route to the club to go over the accounts with M Le President.

I managed to fit in my run after the trip to the dietician and also spent time in the gym. I am now feeling quite virtuous and am looking forward to my steamed chicken breast (no skin) which I have marinated in lemon juice, ginger and garlic to go with a heap of steamed, green veggies. If I’m still feeling hungry, dessert will be a natural soy yoghurt. I suspect I will go to sleep dreaming of unpasteurized brie, oozing gently out of its chalky, creamy white skin, a crusty baguette and a glass of red wine. Of course, I can still eat bread. I can have 1 slice per day but since I can’t slather it in either butter or cheese, frankly what’s the point?