All’s well

Our youngsters

I’m pleased to report that our first AGM passed without a hitch. We had a suitably large number of local dignataries in attendance and, more importantly, a good turn out from our membership. It was also an opportunity to introduce our team of young riders who will be representing the club at races in France, Italy and Spain next year.

Gratifyingly, the club enjoyed its greatest number of successes ever on the road this past season and the club recognised this important step by presenting its Directeur Sportif with a magnificent trophy that was almost the same size as him. I also added to my ever growing collection of cups with two enormous trophies: one for cycling further and the other for turning up more often than any of the other female club members. Unfortunately,  there’s not a lot of competition. This is the third year in succession I’ve made a clean sweep of the trophies.

Despite the massive turn-out, there was sufficient for everyone at the “apero” afterwards.  Remember my motto “never knowingly under catered?” Prior to my departure for Australia, I had used the contents of my fridge to make a number of savoury cakes which I then popped into the freezer specifically for this event. These disappeared rapidly along with the pizza and pissaladiere. Clearly, my reputation as a cook is spreading as M le Maire made reference to my cakes in his closing speech, and afterwards was seen visibly enjoying them. This is important as we’re hoping for a greater subsidy in the coming season.

A number of our local professionals were unable to attend the AGM as one of their number was getting married today and they were all attending the wedding. More importantly, however, they have agreed to ride from time to time with our youngsters and give them the benefit of their experiences in the professional peloton. Another has agreed to be the team’s patron and we’ll be arranging a photo-shoot shortly. My beloved, now firmly established as the club’s resident photographer, will be wielding the camera lens. Indeed, he took some shots yesterday evening which I’ll add to the post as soon as he’s edited them.

This is a Bank Holiday week end in France and it looks as if we’ll be getting some typically British Bank Holiday weather ie rain. Fortunately, my beloved and I decided to brave the extremely windy conditions this morning to enjoy a ride along the coast. There’s a real autumnal feel in the air and the surrounding hills already have a dusting of snow. Rain is forecast for this evening, tomorrow and Monday. This will probably mean the cancellation of both tomorrow’s pointage at Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Monday’s club ride. Home trainer, here I come.

With the temperature dropping, it’s time for some winter warmers such as Cassoulet and Bigos. Of course, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge making both recipes according to my new regime but I’m becoming quite inventive within its strictures. No point in coming up with recipes that don’t taste as good, or almost as good, as the originals.

I’m now feeling much more myself, particularly after this morning’s ride. After 48hours without any solids, I managed a bowl of my delicious home-made vegetable soup yesterday evening and some cinnamon porridge this morning. I have yet to leap onto the scales to ascertain what, if any, effect this has had on my weight, but it had better be negative!