Month: November 2010

Postcards from Manhattan I

It’s incredibly cold here. So cold, in fact, that it reminds me more of Chicago, the Windy City. Fortunately, I have plenty of layers, I just didn’t expect to have to wear them all at the same time. It is, however, sunny and so… Continue Reading “Postcards from Manhattan I”

Winter fare

It seems to me that every time I venture outdoors, I’m wearing more and more layers. We could well be in for a similarly cold, or even colder, winter to last year. That’s not a complaint, merely an observation. However, I’ll probably have to stop… Continue Reading “Winter fare”


The recent storms have uprooted some of the trees in the Domaine affording our gardeners the opportunity to run amok with a chainsaw. Or so I thought. It now appears that they may well be honing their skills to qualify for next year’s Timbersports… Continue Reading “Timber!”


The weather’s been a bit of a curate’s egg this week as we slide inexorably towards winter.  Rain on the coast has translated into snow in the mountains where they may well be about to experience their third consecutive great winter. Many of the… Continue Reading “Lightweight”

Tale of two teams

I wrapped up my English class yesterday evening so that I could get back in time to watch the England v France clash. My class asked me which team I would be supporting. “The French” I replied and then I explained why. I arrived… Continue Reading “Tale of two teams”

On target

When I started on my new regime a month ago, the dietician advised I could lose 3-4kg, but I was highly sceptical. On any diet I lose around 1kg per month at best. However, probably thanks to the bout of tummy troubles, I was indeed almost… Continue Reading “On target”

Hirsute horror

The weather this week has been superb and I’ve been keen to take advantage of it as much as possible. My dear Swiss friend is visiting this week end with his “petite amie”. My beloved and I are delighted as she’s a mutual friend and, in… Continue Reading “Hirsute horror”

Opacity obscures objectivity

A certain amount of disquiet is being expressed in the French sporting press about the UCI’s new ranking system for the 2011 cycling season. For the first time the UCI is using a deliberately “secret” system which takes the points earned in the two preceding seasons… Continue Reading “Opacity obscures objectivity”

A good read

This month’s Cycle Sport magazine opines on “the best 50 cycling books of all time [in the English language]”. Lists are always interesting, open to debate and, ultimately, very subjective despite their authors proclaiming their objectivity. Given that I have quite (typical British understatement) a… Continue Reading “A good read”

Spanish conquistadors

The weather this week end was bike friendly, enabling me to enjoy lengthy rides on both days. I rode on my own on Saturday as my beloved was still in the UK. Sunday, I teamed up with a couple of my clubmates to ride to the pointage in… Continue Reading “Spanish conquistadors”