We have endured three days of unseasonally wet weather. According to the newspapers, the wettest since 1973. Obviously, as it occurred over a Bank Holiday week end, takings from tourism are well down. The Loup river flooded its banks rendering a number of families homeless, debris has been spread all over the beach and the road between Antibes and Villeneuve Loubet was closed. It’s a similar picture all along the coast.

Normally, I would be desperate to escape the confines of our apartment but the bug made an unwelcome return yesterday. This bout hasn’t been as bad as last week’s although I have had the added aggravation of  coping with my beloved. Having me rendered incapable always throws him into a flat spin. Fortunately, I had prepared a number of dishes in advance, so he didn’t go hungry. Ever his prime concern.

He is departing later this afternoon. I can drop him off at the airport on my way to the club. He’s not going to be back until Saturday evening by which time I should have everything back under control. I was scheduled to accompany him to London but, in the face of on-going flight disruptions and my recent illness, I decided to stay home.

The outlook for the rest of the week is favourable, meaning I’ll be able to resume my training programme outdoors. You can only do so much on the home trainer and in the gym before boredom sets in. I’m quite enjoying the running and am pondering whether I might try for the Nice-Cannes Marathon next year. After I completed the London Marathon in 1994, I did say I would like to do another one, but never have.  I shouldn’t wait too much longer for my next attempt and, it goes without saying, I would like to complete it in a faster time. Though, in truth, it would be well nigh impossible to be slower.

We’re off to visit the company which has designed the club’s new web-site tomorrow for training on how to administer the site. It’s a bit of an indictment but I’m probably the most able of us on the PC. This should therefore be an interesting afternoon and I’ve already got a long list of questions. A number of the team can’t make the trip as it clashes with the final of the Petanque World Championships. As a consequence, I will have to train them later.

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