On target

When I started on my new regime a month ago, the dietician advised I could lose 3-4kg, but I was highly sceptical. On any diet I lose around 1kg per month at best. However, probably thanks to the bout of tummy troubles, I was indeed almost 4kg lighter. I decided to try and hit the magic number on yesterday’s weigh-in by removing my jewelry and wearing the lightest clothes possible. It worked. 

The last couple of days I’ve been pretty much housebound by the appalling weather. Yes, after last week’s balmy days, it started drizzling on Sunday. It was overcast on Monday morning but, in the afternoon, we were treated to torrential storms. Thunder and lightening overhead, twice took out the electricity. I braved the rain on Tuesday morning for my trip to the dietician and returned home feeling decidedly cold and damp.

Fortunately, it started to clear up in the afternoon, allowing me to attend the opening party of my cycling coach’s new office in Nice. Where, naturally enough, the discussion revolved around the exploits of many of his clients in last week end’s Nice-Cannes marathon, run in near perfect conditions. I displayed remarkable self control by declining the champagne and nibbles on offer for still water.  I need to capitalise on my admirable start.

I skipped the club yesterday evening and hope that there wasn’t too much paperwork for the Treasurer to deal with in my absence. However, I’m going to be down there most of this afternoon and evening thanks to a management meeting, checking the club’s books for October and then my English class. Two of our younger riders, who want to improve their spoken English, have said they’ll turn up this evening. As further enticement, I have promised some chocolate chip cookies – works every time.

I will however be hoping to finish the class on time and get away promptly to get back home to watch the England v France football match. I know it’s supposed to be a friendly, but I suspect Blanc will regard an England scalp as a fitting reward for the rehabilitation of his side after this year’s World Cup debacle.  

I managed to fit in a quick circumnavigation of Cap d’Antibes this morning, on slowly drying roads. With better weather forecast for the next couple of days, before the rain returns at the week end, I’ll be looking to maximise my time outside on the bike before spending the week end down the gym and on the home trainer.

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