Month: December 2010

Back from the brink

After three days of solid rain, my beloved and I managed to slip out this morning for a quick spin. It felt wonderful to be out in the fresh air, on two wheels. Sadly, we’re unlikely  to experience this again before Monday. As a consequence,… Continue Reading “Back from the brink”

Surprises all round

First up, my beloved made it home. Yes, after languishing without hope in London, he seized the initiative and made his way back here. As it turns out, a wise move. The indications are that he would have been unlikely to have made it… Continue Reading “Surprises all round”

Surprisingly popular

Yesterday’s presentation of the club’s national junior and espoir teams passed  without a hitch. I like to think that this was entirely due to the amount of forward planning and preparation. All the club’s sponsors were in attendance along with the local dignitaries and the teams’ “Godfather”.… Continue Reading “Surprisingly popular”

2010 Highlights

We’ve reached the time of year when it’s difficult to fill newspaper and cycling magazine columns without taking a retrospective look at the season. This seemed like a suitable discussion topic for my English class on Wednesday evening. We were surprisingly of similar minds:- Rider… Continue Reading “2010 Highlights”

Please can we have some more………….

The weather this week has been remarkably cold (for here) and I’ve not enjoyed venturing forth on two wheels much before 10:30-11:00am. Pretty much the same time that most club riders are heading back home for lunch. Happily, I have no such restrictions. Mind you,… Continue Reading “Please can we have some more………….”

Divine intervention

I was saddened this week to learn of the untimely death of Aldo Sassi, one of the most reputable cycling trainers, based at the Mapei Centre in Varese. It was he who had worked with Cadel Evans to lift the rainbow jersey in 2009 and had… Continue Reading “Divine intervention”

Not on my patch

Yesterday and today the weather’s been glorious and I’ve been looking wistfully out of the window wishing I could go for a ride. On the odd occasion I have had to venture out in the car, I have looked enviously at those riding road bikes, wanting desperately… Continue Reading “Not on my patch”

Good intentions

I live my life largely by a few simple rules and philosophies:- Do unto others as you would have others do unto you Planning and preparation are key to success Keep it simple I also belive that if you can help someone, you should.… Continue Reading “Good intentions”

Spam attack

I started this blog to keep in the loop my friends and family who had kindly sponsored me to take part in Livestrong Ride of the Roses in Austin 2009. I never really intended to continue, but friends said it was a handy way of keeping… Continue Reading “Spam attack”

Supersized disappointment

After my jaunt to the land of  supersized portions, you might be wondering how the regime is faring. I’m still on track, aided by the cold which has robbed me of my appetite. The US wasn’t too bad. I had porridge for breakfast, salads… Continue Reading “Supersized disappointment”