Spam attack

I started this blog to keep in the loop my friends and family who had kindly sponsored me to take part in Livestrong Ride of the Roses in Austin 2009. I never really intended to continue, but friends said it was a handy way of keeping abreast of our news. So, I did. From time to time, some 3rd parties chance upon my blog and kindly make encouraging comments. I reciprocate, it’s only polite. To be honest, it’s no hardship, their blogs are usually a million times better than mine and I can continue enjoying their spin on whatever.

WordPress gives you plenty of information about your site traffic; such as, your most popular posts, number of hits etc etc. I’ve already learned, to my cost, that a suggestive title drives visitor numbers through the roof. I assume that, like many bloggers, I receive my fair share of spam. But I’m not sure what they’re hoping to achieve: my email address?  Thereafter, perhaps they’ll send emails offering me cheap loans, fake luxury goods or discounted medicaments.

I define  “spam” as any comment from an unknown third-party, the content of which  bears little or no  relationship to the original blog entry. Yesterday, I received 174 spam messages. This is a record. Interestingly, many of the spam comments are carbon copies of one another albeit from different IP addresses. From their URLs, it would appear that many are in the business of selling. Well you’re wasting your time on my site, this lady’s not interested and nor are my regulars.