Good intentions

I live my life largely by a few simple rules and philosophies:-

  1. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
  2. Planning and preparation are key to success
  3. Keep it simple

I also belive that if you can help someone, you should. Now this doesn’t fall into 1 above. My assistance is unconditional. I’m not making a note and expecting the favour to be repaid: quite the contrary. Nor am I anticipating some reward in the afterlife. I have long realised that I derive enjoyment merely from being useful.

Sometimes I proffer my assistance, other times I wait until I’m asked. I received such a request this week from a friend, in respect of a mutual friend with a contractual problem. Sometimes an uninvolved third party can throw clarity on a problem because there is no emotional link. In this instance, I was able to make use of my knowledge of contract law, my use of the English language, a more than passing acquaintance with the UCI regulations and my contacts at the UCI.

The mutual friend in question is owed both a contractual and moral obligation by his team and I am hoping we can find an equitable solution to the problem. However, it was interesting to note his own approach to the issue which, if he’d gone ahead, might seriously have compromised his case.

My first point of call was the UCI Rulebook, readily accessible on its website in both English and French. Having confirmed the regulatory position, I then looked at the legal documents and associated supporting correspondence. I then rang the UCI to check my understanding and ask them for their advice which  we are following.

Now it’s easy for me to be sanguine, it’s not after all my problem. However, I don’t like to fail at anything. Not being able to satisfactorily resolve this issue for a friend would count as failure. So this is not the only route I’m pursuing because, as I’m fond of saying, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat.

Postscript: Surprisingly, this issue is still on-going but it’s slowly wending its way to a satisfactory solution. I must confess it’s been more of an uphill struggle than I anticipated but we have stuck firmly to our guns and, indeed, have brought in the heavy guns, namely the UCI. These problems often need a bit of a terrier like attitude, something at which I excel.