Not on my patch

Yesterday and today the weather’s been glorious and I’ve been looking wistfully out of the window wishing I could go for a ride. On the odd occasion I have had to venture out in the car, I have looked enviously at those riding road bikes, wanting desperately to be in their saddles and shoes. I cannot recall ever having to spend so much time indoors. I now have a severe case of cabin fever. My cold is much improved, although it’s still hanging around.

I am definitely, come what may, riding with the club tomorrow. The pointage is at Vallauris, by way of Cap d’Antibes, and I’m hoping the weakened lungs will be able to cope with the climbs. I’m off to visit the nutritionist next week and have lost another 2kg. I might have said goodbye to more had it not been for the cold. I’ve barely eaten anything this past week, but my weight has stayed steady. I’m not sure from where I’ve lost the 6kg, although my rings are much looser. So that’s thinner fingers then – just want I wanted!

I have used the peace and quiet, in the absence of my beloved, to clear lots of things on my ever expanding “to do” list. He’s back this evening, so there’s not a moment to waste. I now have the warm, smug glow of someone who’s achieved a lot in the last few days. The house is clean and tidy, the fridge and freezer are full and there’s only an ironing hillock to be tackled.

I’ve also managed to resolve the problem with Bob who, after swooshing around the floor for a couple of minutes, kept stopping to tell me his brushes needed cleaning. They didn’t. I consulted the instruction booklet, re-set his programme and he’s stopped complaining. I can’t stand whingers and whiners. He’s now back in line for a Xmas gift. 

We have yet to erect and decorate the Xmas tree. My beloved is only home this week end for about 36hours and decorating the Xmas tree is one of his (only) jobs, largely because, if it were left to me I wouldn’t bother. If he leaves it until next week end, we’ll only be able to enjoy the tree for a few days as we’re going cross-country skiing with friends between Xmas and New Year. Hardly seems worth it…………………

Now you may be thinking, what no tree! Where are you going to put your presents? My family is  buying me gift vouchers which I’ll enjoy spending on-line in the New Year. Girlfriends tend to combine Xmas and birthday gifts, therefore they arrive in January. After last Xmas’s diary debacle, my beloved has been expressly forbidden to buy me anything. He, however, like most men, is a bit of a big kid when it comes to Xmas.  I have bought him a few things to open on Xmas Eve.  You should also know that  I don’t display any Xmas cards, nor do I allow any other festive decorations.

Postscript: Top dogs in Brum! My beloved boys have beaten the Baggies.