Please can we have some more………….

The weather this week has been remarkably cold (for here) and I’ve not enjoyed venturing forth on two wheels much before 10:30-11:00am. Pretty much the same time that most club riders are heading back home for lunch. Happily, I have no such restrictions. Mind you, I’m still wrapped up from head to foot. So much so that no one will notice I’ve lost 6kg on the new regime. If this continues, more and more riders in the professional peloton are going to weigh more than moi. I’m referring here to the boys. There’s no way, for example, I could reach the weight of Jeannie Longo, at least not without severing a limb or two which might well prove to be counterproductive.

I didn’t ride too badly on Sunday, though I was conscious of a loss of power in both the legs and lungs. Monday was much worse. I could barely turn the pedals. Subsequently, I’ve restricted myself to practising my cycling technique on the home trainer. This is beginning to take effect. The owner of my LBS (local bike shop) complimented me today on my cycling action.

Yes, at long last, I have had the set up on my most recent bike purchase  changed. I would entrust no one other than the owner of my LBS with this all-important task. In addition, he also gave the bike a complete once-over to ensure that everything was working as it should. It is now.

While he was giving his due care and attention to these tasks, it gave me an opportunity to check out the  goodies in his shop. I’m definitely going to be springing for a new pair of Shimano custom fit shoes. Mine are still fine, but starting to look a little down at heel. I treated my beloved to some new, warm gloves and socks, and, a replacement pair of Oakley’s. Yes, he’s lost yet another pair, this will be his third in two years. The LBS owner and I have a private bet as to how long these will last.

This evening, I planned the menu for Saturday’s reception which is being held after the presentation of our two national teams, the juniors and espoirs, to the local press, sponsors and dignitaries. M Le President sprung this on me on Tuesday evening. There had been no mention of a “reception” on the invite. As it’s at 04:00pm, I’ve gone for an English afternoon tea with champagne: soft drinks for the cyclists. I know this will go down well, particularly with the local officials. The Mayor is partial to my cakes and kindly makes reference to them in his speeches.

The menu’s been planned down to the last currant. I have purchased all the ingredients and have them grouped together in the kitchen ready for a massive bake-in tomorrow.  I just hope M Le President has got his numbers correct. It’s particularly tricky when you’re dealing with youngsters. I find that they all have hollow legs and can eat at least twice their body weights in cakes and cookies. As you well know, in my book, there’s simply nothing worse than not having enough food for everyone.

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