Back from the brink

After three days of solid rain, my beloved and I managed to slip out this morning for a quick spin. It felt wonderful to be out in the fresh air, on two wheels. Sadly, we’re unlikely  to experience this again before Monday. As a consequence, we’ve scheduled a massive clear out in the office this week end. Yes, I know it’s not typically what you’d do over Xmas, but there’s a good reason. I have bought my beloved a large, HD, flat screen TV for the office, on which I’ll be able to watch tons of cycling next season – method in my madness!

You may not have been aware that many French races, Tour de France excepted, have been staring down the barrel of a gun since a small decree was passed at the end of October. This increased 5-fold the amount that organisers would have to pay for police outriders and police marshalls at both amateur and professional races. Fortunately, the cycling powers that be have successfully lobbied the French Home Office for a more gradual phasing in of the increases. Just as well. There’s no point in us incubating a future French Tour de France winner if there’s not going to be any races for them to hone their skills in!

Apart from a quick spin on the home trainer, I’ve been ploughing through the inevitable pile of things that have to be done at the end of calendar and financial year ends: not necessarily pleasant, but wholly necessary.

I’m going to take a bit of a break from blogging during the Festive Season so I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish all my regular readers, and indeed any irregular ones, good health, happiness and much success in 2011.

Ho, ho, ho

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