Month: January 2011


Yesterday evening the French won their second consecutive Men’s Handball World Championship title. They’ve been pretty much unbeatable since picking up gold in Beijing 2008. Handball is played globally but is particular popular in Northern and Continental Europe. It’s widely accepted to be Danish… Continue Reading “Goldrush”

Cycling’s saviours

As I was scanning the news this week, an item caught my eye. Ben Spies, Moto GP Rookie of 2010, racing with his own Elbowz Racing Elite Cycling Team, had finished a very respectable 12th, and first in his category (Cat 2), in the 90 mile Copperas Cove… Continue Reading “Cycling’s saviours”

Dancing on ice

I have been watching the European Ice Skating Championships from Bern. You may not be aware that I once spent my Saturdays twirling around an ice rink. My mother had been a keen ice skater and, having found her old skates in the boxroom, I had taken… Continue Reading “Dancing on ice”

Between a rock and a hard place

The rumours that have been swirling around the internet are true, the Spanish Cycling Federation has handed Alberto Contador a one-year ban.  Subject to the outcome of any appeal, this means he’ll be stripped of last year’s Tour win and won’t be able to ride again… Continue Reading “Between a rock and a hard place”

Heavenly feeling

The weather the past few days has been gloriously sunny, albeit cold. I’ve been out every day, generally around lunchtime, diligently following the training plan. I’ll shortly  have been trained by my coach for twelve whole months. I’m going to continue as I feel it’s been money… Continue Reading “Heavenly feeling”

10 key questions

Today L’Equipe posed what it thinks are the 10 key questions in respect of the 2011 cycling season. The answers were supplied by its crack team of reporters. 1. Will Contador be at the start of the Tour de France?  90% said No. What I want to… Continue Reading “10 key questions”

Early bird

The alarm went off at 07:30 and I really didn’t want to know. I’d not slept well thanks to my beloved’s snoring. He’s now on a yellow card, one more and it’ll be the spare room for him. I’d left my kit handily placed… Continue Reading “Early bird”

Close run thing

I finally got around to taking my beloved BMC I down to my LBS (Local Bike Shop) to have the set up changed to that of my beloved BMC II. I also splashed out on a new saddle, as the old one was looking kinda… Continue Reading “Close run thing”

Wrong place, wrong time

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre continues apace. The last two mornings we’ve been woken by the roar of saws. I think it’s fair to say that with the exception of our olive trees, which were pruned last year, everything on the Domaine is fair game. No bush or tree… Continue Reading “Wrong place, wrong time”

Karaoke kings

Today was far less stressful and far more productive than Monday. I now had in my possession the “Master Document” and have been able to finish the draft of this year’s brochure for the Kivilev. It has been despatched via email to the printers and… Continue Reading “Karaoke kings”